5 Things To Know About Wedding Gift Etiquette

 5 Things To Know About Wedding Gift Etiquette

Kristin, a 25-year old graduate, had recently come back from attending her very own sister’s wedding. “I was in charge of organizing the gift registry and I was appalled to see some of the gifts that my sister received when we were taking stock after the wedding”, she said. If you are planning to attend a wedding soon and are confused about what you should gift and what you shouldn’t, take a look at our conversation with Kristin and know the 5 most important wedding gift etiquette.

1. Tick off an item from the gift registry

Folks, this wedding gift etiquette is going to be your safest bet to ease your task of picking a gift without having to worry whether the couple will like your gift or not. “The gifting registry is made by the couple who usually list down things that they need, or want. To keep it simple, all you have to do is take a look at the registry and pick a gift that you can afford”, said Kristin.

2. Giving cash never went out of vogue

“Although many consider giving cash as a wedding gift rude or offensive, that is not the case. Newlyweds appreciate every single dollar they can get to kick-start their lives as a couple”, explained Kristin. Money, or hard cash as we call it, falls under wedding gift etiquette only because it is an option that many consider, when they don’t know what the couple really wants and needs.

3. Think twice before going too arty

We know that some of you are great artists and have creative minds when it comes to purchasing a piece of art or making your own. But have you thought that the couple’s taste in art may be different than yours? “Remember this important wedding gift etiquette because the last thing you want is your hand picked art item to be tucked away in a dusty corner in the couple’s attic”, chuckled Kristin, who also mentioned that her sister received many art pieces in the form of paintings and sculptures as wedding gifts. “Most of them are going to go to the attic”, said a dismal Kristin.

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