12 Tips to Live With a Male Roommate

12 Tips to Live With a Male Roommate

Having a roommate of the opposite sex can be a lot of fun. You get a guy’s perspective in all your turmoil. Men make for better friends, as they are not jealous of you; hence, they will always help you to grow as a person. Also, in some way, you will have a sense of security that you are living with a man.

However, keeping aside these advantages, there can also be times when you might have a tough time dealing with your roommate. Your lack of experience in dealing with a male roommate can often lead to frustration. Here are a few tips, which will help you when you are living with a male roommate.

1. Give each other space

Men are really finicky about their space. Everybody is. But men are more specific about the kind of space they desire. Like women do, they have their own set of mood swings. As their roommate, you need to realize this, and make sure that you give them ample amount of alone time, without becoming clingy in any way.

2. Learn to share responsibilities

Remember that you are living in a space with someone from the opposite sex. It is important to establish any boundaries as well as share household responsibilities. Decide if you want to clean the house together, formulate some basic hygiene rules when it comes to using the bathroom and kitchen, and decide when and who will buy groceries and supplies. Sorting this out from the start will avoid any unnecessary arguments later.

3. Keep your expenses clear

This is not really gender specific advice, but it is very important to keep your expenses clear with guys anyway, because the societal gender roles force them to pay for most things. When staying with a man, you would not want in any way to become an obligation to him, especially when you are not even in a relationship with him. You can make it very clear from the beginning that you want to keep all your expenses shared or divided. Some of the ugliest fights happen because of money, and that is not a nice spot to be in.

4. Do not impose your activities on him

Believe it or not, men and women like to do different things. Imposing your activities all the time can irritate him, and may create differences between the two of you. You both should carry on with your own lives without creating any hassles for the other person. This way, you will keep things sorted.

5. Do not become dependent on him

People tend to depend on others emotionally. This is even truer in case of women being dependent on men – whether male friends, boyfriends or husbands. Having a roommate tempts you to become dependent, as you have someone from the opposite sex always around you. But you should not give into that temptation and try and become as self-sufficient as possible.

6. Don’t expect things from him, which are stereotypical of men

Often, when you stay with a man, you would expect him to do certain things. For example, you will expect him to do manual labor, pay for certain things, and other such stereotypical things a girl expects from a boy. These kinds of expectations are unfair. They make you an irritating demanding roommate. You would not want to be that. Right?

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