5 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Skin

5 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Skin

With the arrival of summers you have your summer shopping ready, summer trends, shorts and dresses, and it is the time to bring out the fancy shades. But most importantly you need to take measures to protect and maintain your skin during the summers. Here are 5 ways to summer-proof your skin.

1. Exfoliation of dead skin cells

If you have a dry skin type, you need to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. You need to use an exfoliating scrub as it helps to get rid of the dry skin cells and to stop them from developing on your skin. Also opt for a exfoliating body wash for your body for an overall glowing and smooth skin during summers.

2. Moisturize your skin using a moisturizer of your skin type

Your skin should look healthy and hydrated at all times. For this you need to moisturize your face and body daily. During summers do not opt for oil based moisturizers, even if you have dry skin. Choose a moisturizer that blends in easily, is very light and not oily. This will help you maintain soft and smooth skin throughout summer.

3. Use good lip care

You also need to take good care of your lips during summers. Keep your lips smooth and tender buy using light lip balms. Keep the sticky glosses and liquid lip colors aside. Go for lipsticks that help retain the moisture, having a matte effect. Choosing lip balms over glosses is the best option for summers.

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