3 Causes of Hot Flashes In Women

3 Causes of Hot Flashes In Women

Hot flashes in women are a very frequent concern amid 85% of women in the United States of America. This hitch of hot flashes occurs in a woman’s body with sweltering sensation in her upper body, constantly escorted by fretfulness, sweating, weakness, suffocation, etc. Just when a woman gets this reaction, sometimes the body is left clammy, and flushing occurs on the face and upper body. The indispensable rationale of hot flashes is owing to hormonal changes following menopause that causes many sort of variations in a woman’s body. But there are factors other than menopausal symptoms, which can cause hot flashes in women.

1. Decrease in estrogen levels

Estrogen is the hormone that mostly has an effect on the hypothalamus gland, and this again distresses your hunger, gender hormones and body temperature. A trivial plunge in the intensity of estrogen bamboozles the hypothalamus gland and makes your body sear. Thus, the warmth amplifies in the body and it starts clamming and throttles you from inside. This is a muddle in thermoregulation – the ability to maintain one’s body temperature in different atmospheric temperatures.

2. Stress

The most common and revealing factor of frequent occurrence of hot flashes is stress. But as time passes by, hot flashes tend to reduce.

3. Cancer

Even ladies having breast cancer endure from this issue of hot flashes. It can also be caused due to rigorous contagions or any variety of carcinoma cells.

Next time when you are having trouble with hot flashes, try these simple tips before consuming any medicine. Try to lower your body’s temperature by consuming icy water, having vanilla ice cream or sitting in an air conditioned room, or you can also try taking a cold bath.

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