5 Most Irritating Things About Bella Swan

5 Most Irritating Things About Bella Swan

Bella Swan from the Twilight series is a sensational character. However, she has found a way into being one of the most annoying characters in literature and on screen. In fact, many have named her the most annoying protagonist ever. Why? Read on for five reasons that have brought the criticism from all quarters.

1. Unnecessary attraction from the opposite sex

Firstly, why does every boy in the school fawn over her? After all, she is a plain looking girl and there are definitely other girls who look better than Swan. Moreover, neither the book nor the movie shows her as a smart girl with a smart character. So, what is her magnetic appeal? Is it that she is a new girl in the school? The overemphasis on her attractiveness despite being described as a Plain Jane definitely gets annoying at times.

2. Indecisive in matters of the heart

Secondly, why cannot this girl decide? Why does she want both Edward and Jacob? She is a true epitome of an emotionally wrecked character. She sulks all the time and it seriously gets annoying to the hilt. Makes you want to grab her head and rattle some sense into her.

3. Whining in nature

She whines and whines and all she does is whining! She has all that she wants. In fact, she has her heart set in two places. So, why does she have to whine? The character would definitely have been better had she displayed some cheerfulness and gladness for the fact that she is sought after by so many men.

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