7 Ways to Tell Him that You Love Him Too

7 Ways to Tell Him that You Love Him Too

Many times, you do not necessarily have to voice your love for him. There are many tell tale signs that will subtly convey the message to the person you love. Some of these happen inadvertently and in the most natural way and some can be developed to tell him that you love him too. Learn more of these beautiful yet subtle love signs that emit from you.

1. Your reaction towards him

You find yourself blushing to most things he has to say. Other women may either find such topics least interesting or may not be actually warming up to the conversation. When a lady blushes, there is a bell that strikes signifying something more than a casual relationship. The man who adores you will actually figure it out more quickly than the rest.

2. Your clothes

Clothes you wear speak volumes of your love and affection for him. You find yourself attracted to clothes and colors that are favorites of the man who matters the most to you. Wearing such outfits or hues consistently sends out a loud message for him to comprehend.

3. Your physical touch

Simple physical acts signify and convey the message of love to whomever it should. Leaning on his shoulders, holding his hands, interlocking your fingers with his and other warm and beautiful acts emanate because of a lovely feeling called love. Finding excuses to indulge in such acts will get more frequent with time. When you do it more so with him than any other man he can possibly sight you with, he receives the message.

4. Your affection

Getting considerate and more affectionate especially during tough times are some feelings that are meant for the person who loves you. When you get all worked up at a time when he’s low and you want to give him the best of your support and affection; he is going to feel warm and cozy about it. He realizes the importance you attach for him and understands that you are also nurturing a deep affection for him.

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