8 Interesting Facts about David Beckham

8 Interesting Facts about David Beckham

British soccer player, David Beckham, created a new benchmark for soccer finesse, and since the news of his retirement, fans all over the world have been gulfed in grief over not being able to see him play anymore. You know that he has a large family with ex Spice Girls singer Victoria aka Posh. However there are more things you ought to know about this dishy man if you claim to be his fan. Read them here.

1. David has always been a talented human being and started off his career from an early age of 12 when he won the prestigious Bobby Charlton soccer skills award. The prize was a 2 week trip to train with FC Barcelona which was like a dream come true for him.

2. How many Hollywood actors’ names appear in movie titles? Not many, but this hunky sportsman had such a global fan following that a movie called, Bend It Like Beckham, was made in 2002 in honor of David Beckham’s skills.

3. When his unusually named daughter, Harper Seven, was born, Victoria and David were over the moon as they had always wanted a girl child specially after having three boys. So protective is he of his little girl that he has enrolled his sons in martial arts classes so that they are well equipped to protect their sister when and if the need arises. While Cruz does taekwondo, Brooklyn is into boxing and Romeo does karate.

4. Like many celebrities, he has also created his own scent, a cologne called Instinct Cologne by Coty. It is a blend of orange, cardamom, pimento and star anise, vetiver, white amber, patchouli mandarin and Italian bergamot.

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