5 Most Common Problems Married Couples Face

5 Most Common Problems Married Couples Face

It is only natural that there are problems in a marriage. It is not easy to put two people under the same roof, bind them with a contract and expect them to live happily ever after. Some manage to overcome the problems and live contently, some choose to ignore it and live a complicated married life while some just can’t handle it and end up separating. People are different and so are their problems, but there are some that are common to all marriages. These are problems that most couple face at least once in their married life.

1. Clash of personalities

It’s celebrated when in love. Opposites attract and love blooms. But when opposites get married, it is a start of a marital war and problems that are never ending. It is bad especially when both people in the marriage are strong and have bold personalities and don’t give up easily. Rather than complementing each other, they end up being at each other’s throats for most of the time.

2. Lack of understanding

Even though married couples spend a lot of time under the same roof sharing the same space and a lot of other things, there is at times a lack of understanding because of a lack of intimacy, or communication or both. Problems arise when two people live in such close proximity and don’t understand what the other wants.

3. Boredom

This is the most common and the most dangerous problem that married couples face. Boredom can be very damaging to any relationship and marriage is no different. Boredom leads to problems like infidelity, indifference and much more. It is always advisable to change the routine of your life sometimes to break off the monotony. Even though routine can be comforting, it can be boring too and that’s why there are many instances of partners being unfaithful.

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