10 Healthy Foods To Make Your Teeth Stronger

10 Healthy Foods To Make Your Teeth Stronger

Smile brings a sense of general happiness to the people around you. The key to a wonderful and lovely smile is healthy and sparkling teeth. For a healthy lifestyle, for better digestion and of course for the smile, maintaining oral health and keeping the teeth strong is very important. Brushing, flossing, dental visits can help in maintaining healthy teeth. But, in the long run, there are a lot of other factors one needs to consider to make teeth stronger. Here, are 10 foods that help to make teeth stronger.

1. Sugar free products

Use sugar free food products whenever you can. Use of artificial sweeteners in place of sugar is a smart move to maintain strong teeth.

2. Legumes

Known for their high protein content, legumes help in making teeth strong. A diet with legumes such as beans is advised.

3. Vegetables

Fibers in vegetables are known for maintaining a balance in acidic levels in the mouth by neutralizing acids. Lesser the acid produced, lesser the damage done to teeth. Broccoli and mushrooms are fine examples.

4. Fruits

Eating raw food makes teeth stronger. Fruits are known for their nutrients and their taste. When eaten on a regular basis, they make teeth stronger as a majority of fruits are consumed raw.

5. Water

Water helps maintain pH levels in the mouth. With acidic levels high in the mouth, which are hospitable for cavity causing bacteria, consuming 4-5 glasses of water helps in the long run.

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