How To Build Self-Esteem In Children?

How To Build Self-Esteem In Children?

Children can often shrivel up like a malnourished flower when they are not oozing confidence and self-esteem. Whether it is school, dance class, sports, evening parties or anywhere else, self-esteem for children is a must. Let’s take a look at the top 5 ways of building self-esteem in your children so that they can face the world with confidence.

1. Build your self-image first

Did you know that the stress and anxiety of the whole day that reflects on your face is being watched continuously by your kids? Self-esteem in children is heavily determined by the way their parents behave. If they know that their parents are confident and happy, they too will follow suit.

2. Shower your child with confidence

Even if your children have accomplished a very small task like tying shoelaces or drinking milk quickly, make sure that you shower appreciation on them. Self-esteem in children is essentially built because of the fact that their behavior is accepted and liked by everyone else.

3. Teach your child to accept failure

Many parents make it difficult to instill self-esteem in children because they create a scare about failure in their minds. You should be teaching your children that failure is just a stepping stone towards success. Encourage them to build their self-esteem.

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