9 Tips to Choose the Right Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

9 Tips to Choose the Right Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin needs extra care and attention. While choosing makeup products for acne prone skin, do check for suitability. If makeup is not tested, then it can aggravate the condition. Listed below are some tips to choose the right foundation for acne prone skin, read on.

1. Use natural foundation

Use an organic or herbal foundation for acne prone skin. Choose foundations which are natural. Avoid foundation with dyes or artificial colors. This may react to the skin. Avoid foundations which have preservatives.

2. Use water based foundation

It is always a good idea to choose foundations which are water based. Water based foundation easily spreads on acne prone skin and prevents clogging. Water based foundations are light to use; they do not aggravate the condition of acne on the skin.

3. Go for an oil free foundation

Choose an oil free foundation for acne prone skin, as it will help to give a natural look to your face. An oil free foundation helps to control the excess sebum production in your skin.

4. Choose mineral based foundation

Look for foundations which are mineral based. Foundations with zinc oxide and mica will suit your skin. Mineral based foundations perfectly suit acne prone skin.

5. Select a matte foundation

Choose a foundation with a matte effect. Do not choose a foundation with gloss effect. As acne prone skin is also oily, it will make your skin shine. A matte based foundation will suit your skin and give a natural effect to the skin.

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