5 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Loves You

5 Signs Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Loves You

Getting over with your past love is usually not easy and sometimes not wanted. Sometimes silly misunderstandings prove fatal for your relationship, causing unwanted fights and finally breakup. The pain it leaves is unbearable and acute. Every simple, little thing reminds you of him, every song makes you think about him. But it is even more difficult to know whether he too is going through the same pain and helplessness. Sometimes breakups are a result of hasty decisions and are actually not accepted by either of the partners. If you still love him and want him to return, it is important for you to know whether or not he too feels the same for you. If he does not, then there is no point in making futile efforts. But if he does, then there is no point in leaving any stone unturned. But how to know whether he still loves you or not? Following are few signs that your ex- boyfriend still loves you.

1. He tries to keep in contact

You will receive his calls, messages, or mails quiet often. If he still loves you, he will find it very difficult to resist talking to you or contacting you. Past memories might be haunting him the way they haunt you. You might also keep receiving frequent apologies from him. His frequent messages are a sign that he still loves you.

2. He tries to talk to your friends

If your ex boyfriend still feels for you, he will like to talk to your friends. He would want to know about you through your friends, whether your breakup has closed all the doors of reconciliation. It is because your friends are the only way from where he can get to know about your well-being.

3. He asks you out for a date again

If he still asks you out on a date, this means he still wants to get back to the relationship. He has that empty void for you to fill.

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