10 Foods that Help With Bloating

6. Red grapes

Red grapes, fresh from the refrigerator are a very healthy snack, it reduces the gas levels in the body and also prevents you from bloating.

7. Greek yogurt

Greet yogurt is enriched with protein and helps with digestion. People generally take it during or after their meals. It helps give flat stomach and is recommended to have with very less sugar content to control your calorie intake.

8. Avocado

Avocado and nuts appear to be enriched with fat but what it gives your body only the essential fats to help you keep fit. Only a handful of them can keep you going.

9. Almonds

Almonds are a rich-source of protein, but you must take only unsalted almonds. These nuts ensure that your stomach feels flat and full at the same time.

10. Zucchini

If you feel like having something fun and interesting, a bag of chips and candies are not always the option. You can eat grilled vegetables, like, zucchini. However, avoid eating them in the form of fritters. It helps you avoid calories and reduces the chances of bloating.

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