8 Awesome Facts You must Know About Tea

Awesome Facts You must Know About Tea

Originally from china, the tea was popularized by the British, who found the sweet drink to be very rehydrating in the heat. They also made it a custom just like the Japanese and the Chinese with tea breaks coming in between work hours and normal life. Although not as elaborate as the tea ceremonies of Japan, people the world over have some specific thing they do when having their tea. They either have it at some specific time or have something to eat along with it. India and Sri lanka are among the largest growers and exporters of tea. There are many ways tea is made and drunk. Some prefer it with milk while most people have it without milk and sugar. Here are some awesome facts about tea.

1. Although tea has its origins in the far east, tea bags were invented in the USA

Tea bags were originally used to store the samples that were brought from India. But soon it became the easy way to store and make tea and these days almost 96% of tea is sold and served in tea bags.

2. Although there are many varieties of tea, all tea comes from the same plant

Camellia Sinesis is the plant from which all tea leaves come from. The difference lies in ow they are being treated.

3. Oolong tea is the world’s most expensive tea

Oolong tea is the most expensive tea in the world. The tea leaves when boiled in water start looking like a dragon and a pound of oolong tea can be sold for little more than 3000 dollars.

4. Tea leaves are used to read the future

Just like astrologers use the palms to read the future, tea leaves can also be used to tell the future. The tea leaves at the bottom of the cup are mostly used for this and the people who do this are highly revered and treated on par with astrologers in many cultures.

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