Why Men Are Afraid Of Commitment

Why Men Are Afraid Of Commitment

The ‘C’ word often invokes fright among men to such an extent that they might go to the farthest available nook of the earth when they hear this word from their women. What is it about commitment that men can’t stand? They seem happy when they ‘finally’ find a woman of their choice, they seem happy while dating her and they’re utterly happy with all the physical occurrences that come along with dating. Then why the problem to commit and stick to one woman. We’ve dug up and discovered, which didn’t take much time. It’s quite obvious if you know where to look. But we’ve spared you the trouble, so now you just have to read below the reasons of why men are afraid of commitment.

1. Freedom alert

The very first thing important to men – after food, TV, sports, their body…and well, other things – is freedom. They want to do things whenever they want to, without any interference. If they want to watch TV at 2 am, so that shall be it. If they want to go out for a road trip with their friends, they will – even in the middle of the night. But some men think, that women and commitment together are the end to their freedom. They can’t do what they want, when they want as they will have an external ‘baggage’ with them.

2. Space jam

Men, just like women, also do need a lot of space; be it home, in their bedroom, bathroom or in their office. They just don’t admit it. However, when it comes to commitment, men are quick to respond that they will have space constraints when a woman invades their territory. She will use all pastels to color his once dull house, have all kinds of flowery stuff around and his bathroom will be packed with feminine products.

3. Red alert: No variety

That is one big red alert for men. Some men view women as just a means to an end. Now, commitment clearly spells out a strict no-no for all their sexual explorations. Hence, the worry.

4. Responsibility woes

Hmm, everyone confronts these at some point in their lives. Although some men have extra difficulty in adhering to responsibilities when it comes to marriage or women. They are already stressed out with their family, work and other issues, so now the responsibility that marriage entails is a big task ahead of them.

5. Emotional melodrama

We, women are emotional and we are not afraid to show that. We have pre-defined set of emotions related to marriage and it is the next best thing after falling in love. Some men have a problem with that. They find women too emotional at times and this bothers them. Committing to one woman would mean that they have to tolerate all the emotions that accompany them and men tend to be bad with emotions.

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