8 Signs Of A Loveless Unhappy Marriage

Signs Of A Loveless Unhappy Marriage

People say being in a marriage without love is a compromise. But, trying to stay happy in a loveless marriage is also a type of compromise. There are many signs of a loveless unhappy marriage, continue reading the post.

1. Too much of expectations

Expectation is the root cause of unhappy marriage. Most couples expect too much from their partner. And, when they do not get things in return, there is a crack in the relationship. Marriage should be based on realistic expectations, which can be fulfilled; this ensures a healthy married life. But, if either of the partners expect things breaking all boundaries, then it can be a disheartening marriage.

2. Constant arguments and fights

When there are constant fights without reason, then the marriage cannot really survive. Marriage thrives on trust and understanding. Arguments and fights can make matters worst. Any person would feel suffocated being in such a relationship. If one of the partners engage in unnecessary and regular fights and arguments, the marriage is definitely a loveless and an unhappy one.

3. No communication

It might sound cliched, but communication is the most important element of a successful marriage. A gap in communication means there is no compatibility between partners. As a result, the marriage dies at an early stage. Not talking to each other for a long time can be a sign of a loveless and sad relationship.

4. No physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is important to maintain closeness and love in marriage. If a couple is not intimate with each other, then there might be problems in understanding and trust. Most people fall out of marriage because of this reason.

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