10 Super Cool Facts to Know About Batman Who has Just Turned 75

Super Cool Facts to Know About Batman Who has Just Turned 75

Batman holds a special and unique place in the world of comics and superheroes. He is, in actuality, not a supernatural hero since he cannot fly, transform into a different creature or even use a gun. He is just a regular guy who uses all resources and power to fight against crime. Batman is turning 75 but is still going strong with the young and old folks alike and here are some cool facts about him.

1. Though most Batman fans believe that Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’, released in 1990, was the first Batman movie, it’s not true. The first movie was released in 1964, its name being ‘Batman Dracula’ and was produced by Andy Warhol.

2. In many of the early Batman books, Batman’s adventures were said to happen in New York City. But later, the writers Bob Kane and team decided to have a fictional city and called it Gotham city.

3. The most famous villian ‘The Joker’ was so popular that singer Frank Sinatara wanted to play the role in the TV series.

4. In the 1950s, there was a big rumor that Robin and Batman were gay lovers. The reason for this was a psychologist Dr. Fedric Wertham who wanted to protested against comics for the horror and violence they portrayed.

5. Batman fans will know the real name of Batman is Bruce Wayne and Robin is Dick Grayson. But there were other Robins too like Tim Drake and Jason Todd. The name of the thug who killed Bruce’s parents was Joe Chill.

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