Top 6 Reasons to Visit Alaska

Top 6 Reasons to Visit Alaska

Alaska is the 49th state in the US and the largest state in terms of territory. It is cold for almost half the year, being on the northernmost part of the continent and yet is an enchanting tourist attraction for its awesome views of the mountains, snowcapped peaks, forests, glaciers and lakes. Most people think of Alaska and think fishing. They are not too far off. It is a favorite spot for many for ice fishing.

1. The Northern Lights

Watch nature’s very own fireworks in the winter when the sky turns into brilliant colors and transport you to a magical kingdom. There is nothing more spectacular than watching aurora borealis or the northern lights in Alaska.

2. Skiing

With a favorable weather, high mountains and snow throughout the year, Alaska is a year round favorite for skiing enthusiasts. It is also a good spot for snowboarding where people with different skills can try.

3. The Scenery

Breathtaking views all over the state. It is difficult to find a place that will not leave you unimpressed. The amazing thing about Alaska is that it does not get boring and monotonous in long stretches. It also has most of the tallest mountain peaks in the North American region.

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