Why Do Women Love Shopping?

Why Do Women Love Shopping?

In most cases, women are better shoppers than men and that’s a fact. One aspect to contribute to this fact is that when people are interested in something, they do it in a better way. We all know that women absolutely adore shopping. Below mentioned are some theories on why women like to shop so much.

Marketers are eager to know what are the best store arrays for men and women to meet their shopping instincts and desires. One suggestion was made that women love shopping because it resembles a lot to their ancient food gathering instincts. Women used to look for places where fruits and vegetables grew. They had to identify distinct colors and shapes to find ripe and edible fruits and vegetables. They had to feel, touch and taste the food that they gathered.

That is why scientists believe ladies need a different type of shopping experience than men. They love those stores or marketplaces where things they shop for, can be touched, felt, tried on, etc.

Men have a different approach to shopping. They know what they want and their goal is to go and get that. Generally, most men do not like the atmosphere of shopping malls or stores. They do not like to spend their leisure time there and do not view shopping as a form of recreation.

Food gathering was done by women in groups, which provided them with enough interaction and social contacts. Hence, shopping for women does not just mean buying the stuff they need. It is a form of social interaction where they can interact with others and exercise their ancient instincts.

According to one research, the liking for shopping and shopping preferences were distinctly divided by the gender criterion. Men showed much lower interest in shopping than women. Men viewed shopping as a necessity, while women viewed it as fun and a recreational activity. Women also seem to take pride in their shopping adventures and enjoy showing their haul after they are done shopping.

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