5 Amazing Makeup Trends From The 80’s

5 Amazing Makeup Trends From The 80's

Fashion is volatile and changes dynamically with every season. Although clothes made a drastic distinction then, makeover was also no exception to the rule. 80’s held their own charm since they were easily differentiable and included the need for bold highlights. 80’s was predominantly or universally heavy makeup so much so that there was literal painting of faces. Smokey bold eyes and heavy blush to strongly accentuate cheek bones defined the decade. Listed here are some of the most popular makeup trends from the 80’s

1. Eye Makeover

There was a riot of colors defining the 80’s eye shadows. Heavy colors were widely used but electric blue was the most popular. More than adequate eyeliner was being used then and more was worn on the inside when compared to the outside. Those hogging the media limelight sported the teal or blue eyeliner covering the rim of their eyes in abundance. Mascara was also colored as much as the eye shadow color. Blues and oranges ruled the period.

2. Mole

70’s hated the mole but women and men loved the mole, natural or stuck on in the 80’s. Madonna was simply adored for the mole on her face. Most ladies wanted to follow her and get a mole by some means. For some, a stick-on did the trick and few others tried drawing one with brown eyeliner.

3. Lip Art

Lipsticks in vibrant colors such as fuschia, orange, teal, green and blue are hard to find. So it was literally dusting your lips with wild eye shadow hues to obtain the desired effect. 80’s trends had attractive lipstick shades that have the power to shimmer even from a distance. Eye shadows offered a wide spectrum and were used on lips along with Vaseline to get the texture of the lipstick.

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