5 Oil Cleansing Tips

5 Oil Cleansing Tips

The oil cleansing method is a great way to clean your face and get clear and radiant skin. This method works on all skin types. All you need to do is choose the oil according to your skin type and it will work wonders. Using natural oils to cleanse your skin is way better than applying makeup removers, cleansing lotions, moisturizers and various other products that contain chemicals. Listed here are 5 tips for oil cleansing.

1. Oil cleansing for acne prone skin

There are various oils like jojoba, grape seed, rice bran, hazelnut, neem, walnut, sweet almond, sunflower and safflower that work well for acne prone skin. There are chances that some of them may not suit your skin but you could try different combinations and add other essential oils. Adding tea tree or lavender oil with any other oil would really work for acne prone skin. Removing excessive oil thoroughly after cleansing is very important.

2. Oil cleansing for oily skin

If you already have oily and greasy skin, you need to use oils with astringents that would nourish your skin at the same time and not worsen your problem. You could use hazelnut oil, safflower, rice bran or grape seed oil. You need to rinse and clean your face thoroughly after the steam, because you cannot allow excessive oil to be left on the skin.

3. Oil cleansing for dry skin

For dry skin oil cleansing, there are some different oils you can use to get rid of the dryness and have nourished skin. Oils like sweet almond, extra virgin olive oil, wheat germ, avocado, sesame, sunflower work best for dry skin. Massage the oil well, let it penetrate through your skin and nourish it. The results would surely be positive.

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