How To Look Good Without Makeup?

How To Look Good Without Makeup?

Kathy, in her 30s, is a mother of two and a strong believer of being natural and looking gorgeous. She tells us how you can look good without makeup. We suggest that you be armed with a pen and a notepad because these tips are going to last a lifetime.

“Let me start with the most important beauty tip anyone can ever give you. Drink water, and lots of it. Your skin deserves to be hydrated and supple all the time. Once you put the habit of drinking 7-8 glasses of water every day, your skin should cease to be dry and flaky”, advices Kathy.

Kathy continues, “My second tip for all you girls, who want to look good without makeup, is to develop a thorough and regular cleansing routine. Can you even imagine how much dirt and foreign particles find their way into the pores of your skin every day? Every night, I like to cleanse my skin with a good quality face wash”. “But will a face wash be good enough to meet the cleansing requirements of our skin, Kathy?”, we ask. “No. And that is exactly why I give my skin a thorough cleansing by steaming on the weekend. The pores of my skin feel clean and alive, ready to look good without makeup”, replies Kathy.

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