5 Tips on How to Get Fuller Hair in Minutes

5 Tips on How to Get Fuller Hair in Minutes

A voluminous mane is every girl’s dream. Those who are naturally blessed with a fuller hair are lucky but others need not worry. There are ways to get fuller hair in minutes. It’s true that genetics, diet and weather play a vital role in hair care; nevertheless a proper maintenance can help a lot. Check out 5 ways to get fuller hair.

1. Use a dry shampoo

Have no time for shampooing? Try using dry shampoo that can put sparkle and bounce back into your hair. One practical solution for travelers, dry shampoo de-greases hair and moisturizes the scalp. And this oil removal process makes hair look fuller and shinier.

2. Select the right conditioner

Choosing the right conditioner works great towards getting fuller hair. Understand how your hair reacts to various conditioners and choose one wisely. Ensure that your conditioner is not heavy so that it weighs down your hair. Keep your conditioner on your scalp for a few minutes before you wash it off.

3. Try blow drying upside down

Blow drying your hair upside down and using root lifter helps to get fuller hair. Try this great tip to have great looking bouncy hair. Use a round brush for the combing.

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