How to Look Like a Doll?

How to Look Like a Doll

With days of pollution and stress, it’s a great task to look fresh and bright. There are various methods that you may try to achieve a fresh look and one of them is the doll look. You can reminiscence your good ol’ childhood days if you were surrounded by dolls all the time; playing with them, making their hair and what not! So why don’t you look like a doll now with those perfect innocent eyes and rosy cheeks? Read on and we’ll tell you what all you need to do to look like a doll.

1. Prep your skin

Before applying makeup, you need to prepare your skin to keep it fresh throughout the day. First, rinse your face with water and apply an oil-free moisturizer all over your face. Wait for five minutes, then remove the excess moisturizer by pressing a facial tissue on your face. To further smoothen your skin, put on some makeup primer on the center of your face and keep blending it outward.

2. Enhance your eyebrows

Your eyebrows should look perfect when you are doing a doll look. As the first step, tweeze the stray hair that fall out of your brow line, those that go beyond the brow line and those above the bridge of your nose. You should also apply some brow color to fill in your eyebrows. Those who have dark eyebrow hair should use a shade lighter than that and vice versa. While applying color, take care that you use soft and short strokes to enhance your eyebrows. Clean eyebrows lead to open, wider eyes.

3. Apply foundation

A foundation is really important before you apply makeup, but be sure to use a matte foundation which doesn’t have any shine. For dry skin, you should apply a liquid foundation to make your skin look hydrated. Also, do blend a cream-based concealer in the inner corner of your eyes and under your eyes to conceal dark circles.

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