5 Ways to Teach Your Children to be More Compassionate

5 Ways to Teach Your Children to be More Compassionate

Children easily adapt to things they see in their environment. They learn from their parents, siblings, grandparents and people they meet. Education and knowledge is something children get from institutes as well as home but good habits, thoughts, and values like compassion are something which they can only learn if their parents teach them. As parents, you need to take the efforts to inculcate good values in your children. Here are 5 ways to teach your children to be more compassionate.

1. Teach them to never isolate anyone

Children have a tendency to choose particular friends, be in groups and in this bargain, they leave behind some other children and don’t include them. Teach your children to always be friendly to the other children who are lonely and are left alone. Also, focus on the fact that they shouldn’t blindly follow other kids.

2. Teach them to respect elders

The most basic value every child should learn is respect for elders. You should teach your children to respect any elder person they come across. They shouldn’t disrespect senior members of the family as well as the society and show compassion towards them.

3. Teach them to be generous

Helping needy people doesn’t mean your children ends up giving money or any other resources to any poor or homeless person who would use it for wrong purposes. This may also put them in a dangerous situation. Instead make your children observe your generosity and participate in distribution of food and other resources to genuinely needy people.

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