How to Remove Fake Nails? 9 Tips to Help You Out

How to Remove Fake Nails? 9 Tips to Help You Out

Though fixing acrylic nails over your nails looks pretty and might even be a lifesaver to those who cannot grow their nails long, you must be aware of how hard it is going to be to get them off your dainty nails. Women are tearing up their nails to get the phony ones off. Stop abusing your nails and follow these simple tips to remove artificial nails, without damaging your existing ones.

1. To begin with, make sure you have a nail clipper, two bowls (see that they aren’t plastic), Vaseline, a towel and some nail-polish remover. Only then sit down and be comfortable.

2. Cut the artificial nails as short as possible. The less nail left behind, the easier it is to remove them.

3. Fill one bowl with enough nail polish remover, preferably one that contains acetone, to soak all your nails. Fill the other with water.

4. Apply Vaseline on the tips of your fingers so that the acetone doesn’t harm the skin around your nail. Be careful as to not apply it on your nails. Doing so might prevent acetone from reaching the glue between the artificial nails and your real nails.

5. Dip your fingers into the bowl and let it bathe in the acetone for about 20 minutes. Acetone helps dissolve the glue that holds the acrylic to your nails.

6. Taking your fingers out of the bowl, gently tug at the phony nail. If you find any resistance, let the nail soak in the acetone solution for a couple more minutes. These extra few minutes will make it easy for you to peel off the stubborn ones as well.

7. As soon as all your nails are taken off, let it soak in the bowl of water for a while. If at all the acetone has damaged your skin, this will help dilute it and reduce its effect.

8. Dry your hands off. If there are any clumps of glue left on your real nails, buff them off using a nail file. Be gently and use light strokes to prevent injuring nails.

9. Nail polish removers take out the luster from nails by drying them out. Restore its moisture by applying a moisturizing lotion over it. Massage gently.

The only thing that is required for you to remember is that you shouldn’t force an artificial nail to come off. You might end up damaging your natural nails or might just end up pulling out both nails.

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