7 Tips to Repair Chemical Damaged Hair

7 Tips to Repair Chemical Damaged Hair

You know our hair is damaged when it looks like u have been in a hurricane or when your hair starts resembling the coir in a coconut. Your hair is frizzy, is constantly dry, limp and has a lot of split ends. Hair is subjected to a lot of chemicals and other elements on a daily basis. From the food you eat to the shampoo you use, chemicals get into your hair one way or the other. The chemicals that you directly apply on your hair when you are perming your hair or getting your hair straightened are the worst as there is no real cure to repair them completely. But there are a few things that you can do to repair it a bit and prevent further damage and here are a few tips.

1. Stop using shampoo with harsh chemicals

If you had chemically treated your hair and had damaged it irreparably, you might want to stop using shampoo while washing your hair. Adding more chemicals to already damaged hair will only make the problem worse. You can use egg whites as an alternative to shampoo. It is more natural and does the same job that a shampoo does.

2. Leave on a conditioner after you wash your hair

After you wash your hair wash it again with a conditioner. Or for better results, you can apply a leave on conditioner so your hair can be protected throughout the day. Make sure that it is as natural as possible.

3. Apply hair to your oil every night

Take a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil and apply it to the tips of your hair. This will repair the damaged and the split ends through the night and help in keeping your hair healthy.

4. Cut off the tips of your hair regularly

It is the tips of your hair that get damaged more than the rest and it is also the most visible. Cut it off regularly to get rid of the split ends.

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