5 Ways to Take Care of Splitting Nails

5 Ways to Take Care of Splitting Nails

Brittle and splitting nails are a real headache. They may be caused due to genetic defects or acquired due to poor health or lack of proper nutrition. Women who wish for longer and beautiful nails need to follow a few tips to prevent such a delicate nail condition. Check out 5 easy ways to take care of splitting nails.

1. Trim your nails when they are wet

If you have split fingernails, you should avoid clipping and filing when they are dry. Always trim the nails after it is exposed to water. Dry them and then gently trim your nails and file the edges. Also, buff the nail edges to prevent further splitting.

2. Use olive oil and cuticle cream

Soaking your delicate nails in warm extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes daily will help prevent the splitting problem. It moisturizes and heals the cuticle against damage. Also, you can use cuticle creams that help moisturize dry, brittle nails with vitamin E. Apply the cream daily before you sleep.

3. Do not forget your gloves

If you have brittle nails, you should wear gloves before doing household chores like washing, doing the dishes, cleaning or gardening. This is because split nails are prone to infection and can be aggravated with the use of detergents and cleansers. Also, do not use your nails for hard jobs like opening a soda can, scratching any surface and the likes.

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