7 Reasons You Get Frequently Cheated On in Relationships

7 Reasons You Get Frequently Cheated On in Relationships

It is not bad luck that you never seem to fall in love with the right person. Do not blame your fate or anybody/anything else for it – the problem may lie with you! Of course, you do not want it to happen to you over and over again, but unfailingly it does happen and leaves you feeling miserable and blaming your stars for such bad luck. But could it be you who are pushing away prospective partners from yourself without even realizing it? Probably you are being quite na├»ve in dealing with a relationship maturely. There could be more than one reason why this is happening to you repeatedly. Look out for certain characteristic traits in yourself which you may need to get rid of or change in order to become a more likable person and in order to get a partner who will love you and really stick to you. Listed here are the 7 possible reasons why you get frequently cheated on in relationships.

1. You are very choosy

Are you very choosy in nature? Do you like to personally select and handle each and every aspect of your life? Even when you are in a relationship, this particular finicky trait could be causing more damage than you realize. Suppose he plans an outing for the two of you on his own. When he tells you about it, you tell him that such and such place would be better rather than the one he selected. Suppose he plans to go for movie A; when he tells you, you tell him that movie B would be worth watching instead. These are little things which eventually shape up as drastic issues and your boyfriend tries to seek another partner eventually leading to a breakup.

2. You are a control freak

Due to your finicky and fastidious nature, you could very well be a control freak. In a relationship, if both the partners are not at ease with each other and do not have adequate personal space, they tend to get frustrated. The relationship begins to suffocate the one who has to deal with a control freak. You probably do not just let things be and instead spend a lot of time and energy controlling or trying to control a lot of things, most of which are inconsequential. Anybody will get frustrated with this kind of behavior and therefore the multiple cases of being cheated upon.

3. You try to change your partner

A relationship is successful when both partners love each other unconditionally and love them as they are. If you are not accepted the way you already are, then the relationship is not worth it. You should not have to change yourself for somebody else – if you change at all, it should be for yourself. Probably you subconsciously try to change personality traits of your partner which he may play along with for a while just to amuse you, but he cannot pretend to like your suggestions every time and abide by them as well. A time will surely come when he will snap and decide to end the relationship. Maybe this has happened with you already.

4. You are insecure

Are you insecure by nature? Characteristic traits like fastidiousness and tendency to be a control freak crop from a feeling of insecurity. Certain things from your past may be responsible for your current insecurity but you must shed it off in order to have a fruitful relationship. Get professional help if needed, but get rid of unnecessary insecurity which creates many problems between couples. Insecurity also creates baseless suspicion and if you are suspicious of your boyfriend without a reason, he will definitely not stick with you for long and actually seek other partners.

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