5 Eye Makeup Secrets to Make You Look Ravishing

5 Eye Makeup Secrets to Make You Look Ravishing

Good eye makeup has the potential to change the way you look. It can either accentuate the features of your face of weigh down your facial makeup if not done properly. Here are a few eye makeup secrets to make you look ravishing.

1. Choose the right color for eye shadow

You may be an expert at applying eye shadow, but if you don’t pick the right color, your efforts will be in vain. Eye makeup experts claim that beautiful eyes can be accentuated by picking a color which is exactly the opposite of the eyes. For example, if the color of your eyes is blue, pick any shade of orange for your eye makeup. Alternatively, if your eyes are green, use undertones of red and maroon. It is believed that using eye makeup which is similar in color to your eyes will negate itself out without any impact.

2. Line your eyebrows

Many women spend hours after their eye makeup, but they conveniently neglect their brows. It is a common misconception that once your brows are plucked and shaped, your job is done. But this is far from the truth. Using an eyebrow liner to define your brows will go a long way in making your eye makeup look stunning. Unless you already have very thick and bushy eyebrows, don’t forget to add volume to your eyebrows by using a liner.

3. Make your eyes look younger with a bronzer

One of the main concerns for middle aged women is that they want their eyes to look young. They may be able to apply anti-ageing creams on their faces, but it is difficult to give wrinkles around the eyes the same kind of treatment. One of the tips you can use to make your eyes look young and ravishing is to use a bronzer on the area between your lashes and brows. This will produce an illusion that the skin around your eyes is taut and young. If your eyes are light, use a darker shade of bronzer and vice versa.

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