5 Ways to Keep Your Retinas Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Retinas Healthy

Your eyes are one the most important organs in your body because they provide you with one of the five essential senses that human beings have – sight. Eyes are a very complex system of nerves, tissues and other organic parts which build up the entire vision system that help us see. One such important part of eyes is the retina. The role of the retina is exemplary. It is located at the rear of the eye, and it senses the light and sends images of the objects in front of us to our brain. That is how we are able to see. Taking care of your retinas is therefore, of utmost importance, if you do not want to fall prey to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other eye and vision related diseases caused by damage and deterioration of the retina. There are ways in which you can ensure that your retinas stay healthy and keep your vision not only intact but in good condition. Listed here are 5 ways to keep your retinas healthy.

1. Perform eye exercises

Eye exercises are a useful way to strengthen your eyes. Since the eyes too are made up of muscles like every other organ of our body, exercising the eyes is therefore as important as exercising other parts of the body. Visit your nearest ophthalmologist and learn some eye exercises which will help you retain the strength and power of your retinas which will help prevent your eyes from attracting vision related diseases and ailments like eyestrain and nearsightedness.

2. Reduce stress and relax

Like your body, your eyes too need rest. Your eyes also get affected by stress and excessive mental and physical pressure. So you need to de-stress yourself and relax every once a while in order to give your eyes along with your body their much needed rest. You must also ensure that you get a good night’s sleep because lack of proper sleep clearly shows in your eyes and affects them as well. You will notice dark circles under your eyes if you are not sleeping properly.

3. Take care of your eyes

Like the rest of your body and all other organs, your eyes too need care and protection. Take proper precautions to ensure that your eyes are not exposed to harmful or hazardous materials. Wear safety glasses to prevent dust particles and debris to enter your eyes. Avoid sitting in front of the computer monitor without an anti-glare screen for long hours. Give your eyes rest at regular intervals to relieve them of stress which could lead to vision related diseases.

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