4 Natural Oils for Hair

4 Natural Oils for Hair

Natural oils can do wonders for your hair. Sure, many hair oils are available in market. However, the goodness of natural oils cannot really match up with those oils. Natural oils being in a natural form can nourish your hair in the best possible way. Natural oils can be used for different hair problems. Check out some natural oils for hair that you can use.

1. Rosemary oil is good for dandruff

Rosemary oil applied in its natural form is good for dandruff. If you apply the oil on a weekly basis, you might actually see a reduction in your flakes. Rosemary oil also helps to boost your hair growth. It can be used with coconut oil as well.

2. Almond oil is good for hair fall

Almond oil helps to lock in the moisture of hair. As a result, it is good for dry hair. Many women face problems while managing frizzy hair. Almond oil makes your hair soft and smooth. Almond oil also helps to strengthen hair follicles. For daily use, sweet almond oil is good for your hair. If you suffer from excessive hair loss, try combining almond oil with coconut oil and apply it after every four days. This reduces hair fall to a good extent.

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