8 Tips to Apply a Liquid Eyeliner

8 Tips to Apply a Liquid Eyeliner

Perhaps eye liner is the most crucial part of what goes into making your eye makeup dramatic. You can make your eyes, big, make them get all the attention using very definite ways. Pencil eyeliner is easy to apply, but you cannot get the same effect and long lasting effect of liquid eyeliner. That said, it is very tricky to use liquid eyeliner. You have to take extreme care that you do not spill or put a little bit in your eye and also look carefully so you don’t end up poking your eye. Here are a few tips on how to apply liquid eyeliner quickly and effectively.

1. The top lid

It is always best to begin applying the liquid eyeliner to the top lid. You need to tilt your head a little to the back to start applying. This reduces the chances of spillage. Start from the inner corner and in one fluid motion; take it to the outer corner. The important part is to keep your eyes a little open so you can actually look in the mirror and see how you are applying it on your eyes.

2. The bottom lid

You will have to follow the reverse direction when you are applying eyeliner to the bottom lid. You start from the outer edge of the lid and move towards the corner of your eye. Smudging the eyeliner a little bit will give you a smoky and smoldering effect.

3. To make eyes look bigger

Eyeliners are a great blessing to women with small eyes. With eyeliners and especially a liquid eyeliner, you can make them look bigger than they actually are and call attention to it. You will need to use eyeliner that is a shade darker than your complexion and draw beginning with the iris and ending in the outer edge. Dark black can be applied later to define it. Do not make it too dark and too thick for it will give your eyes a closed up look.

4. Keep it for the last

Eyeliner should be applied only at the last. Use other stuff like mascara and eye shadows first and keep the liquid eyeliner as the last things you would do for your eye.

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