6 Thanksgiving Food Ideas

6 Thanksgiving Food Ideas

What is Thanksgiving without an elaborate meal? The centerpiece is of course the turkey and you have the seasonal vegetables and fruits that surround the turkey. You might even think that there is nothing new about Thanksgiving meal anymore. However, the fact remains that you can always experiment with your menu continuously, for Thanksgiving is also about trying the unknown. Just as the pilgrims came to an unknown land and learnt new techniques to survive, you Thanksgiving food ideas and menu this year could also be an initiation into the unknown territory. You can always experiment with the dishes or custom make a list from the available traditional dishes every year. There is never a compulsion that you need to have the same dishes every year, year after year. Here are some interesting Thanksgiving food ideas.

1. Butternut squash soup.

This soup can be a starter to your elaborate meal, or if you are the only person who is having a thanksgiving dinner, this could even be your meal. You can pair this very tasty soup with garlic bread or have it with a fresh garden salad. This soup has just that hint of curry that adds to its exotic taste.

2. Turkey breast with blueberry sauce

If you do not want to have a huge turkey occupying your table and there are very less number of meat eater in the dinner party, you can opt for this dish. You will still have turkey on Thanksgiving, but will eat responsibly and just serve what is needed instead of carving out a whole bird.

3. Sweet potato gravy

Add a bit of exotic touch to this traditional Thanksgiving favorite by borrowing a recipe from another country. You can either try the south East Asian cuisine or the cuisine from India, both of which also have sweet potato dishes. If you do not have the time, you can just bake it and add lots of spiced butter to go with it.

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