6 Exercises to Boost Your Brain Power

 Exercises to Boost Your Brain Power

According to scientists, the human brain is one of the least utilized organs of our body. Myth or not, they say that we use only a small percentage of our brains in our lifetime. Though there have been arguments attempting to bust such a myth, it is true that if we under-utilize our brain, it stops functioning at its full capacity. You shall therefore always endeavor to improve the functionality of your brain. You can actually increase your intelligence by performing some simple exercises and making certain practices part of your daily lifestyle. Listed below are 6 exercises to boost your brain power.

1. Read something new

Reading something new everyday is an excellent type of brain exercise which you should engage in. When you read a new article or a book or any material, you essentially engage your brain in thinking and analyzing new things which provide it with ample exercise. Read something you have never tried before like Shakespeare or some different genre of literature like poetry.

2. Watch your diet

A balanced diet is as important for your brain as it is for your body. Include foods with healthy fats, have dry fruits, walnuts, salmon and so on in order to boost brain power. A generous supply of nutrients and minerals to your brain is very crucial for intellectual stimulation.

3. Exercise regularly

Get your daily dose of workout to keep your brain strong. Whatever form of exercise it is, try your best to maintain it on a regular basis so as to maintain your brain power. Research has shown that a fit body also houses a robust brain.

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