6 Ways to Impress a Guy

6 Ways to Impress a Guy

Whether we accept it or not, most of us want to be appreciated and loved by the opposite sex. Even when you are in a relationship or simply have a crush on some guy, you want him to notice you. Well, we all know there is no perfect formula for impressing a guy but we are giving you some of the ways in which you can leave a great impression on him.

1. Make him laugh

Guys love a girl who has a good sense of humor. It keeps the conversation interesting and does not lead to boredom. An intelligent sense of humor also indicates that you are well-read, are spontaneous, and have a great presence of mind. Also, if you can make him laugh often, then he will miss your company when you are not around.

2. Be confident

If you feel confident about who you are then it will reflect in everything that you do. You need not come across as arrogant or too proud. Just make proper eye-contact when you talk to him. Stand without slouching and walk confidently. Men are usually attracted to women who know what they want and are aware of their own flaws and strengths. A confident attitude is reflective of all this and more.

3. Do not gossip

While you may enjoy gossiping about other girls when you are with your female friends, you should avoid doing that when you are trying to impress a guy. It may not really work in your favor if you are mean to others or are judgmental about other’s behavior and actions.

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