7 Fun Facts About the Latest Sensation Flappy Birds

 Fun Facts About the Latest Sensation Flappy Birds

Flappy birds, the addictive app/mobile game that was launched in 2013 was developed by a Vietnam based app developer Nguyễn Hà Đông. Although it became very popular in a short time, it was also taken off as quick. It is an interesting story of how a worldwide sensation rose to fame all of a sudden and also disappeared as quickly as it took it to become famous. Here are some more fun facts about the latest sensation Flappy Birds.

1. Flappy Bird was the most popular free mobile game on Apple App Store and Google’s Android Play store

When it was still available Flappy Bird was the most popular mobile game that was available for free in both the Apple store and Google’s Android Ply store.

2. The creator coded it in just a couple of days and claims he pulled it for altruistic reasons

Although the creator claims that he took off the app for altruistic reasons, many suspect that he took it off because the pipes in the app resembles closely to the pipes in the Super Mario Games. He claims that he took it off because people were getting too addicted to the game.

3. Fans are so addicted that they are willing to pay large sums for phones that come with the app.

It has been noted that fans of the game were ready to go to extremes to keep on playing the game. Phones preloaded with the hit have been listed for as much as $20,000 on eBay.

4. His parents did not know about his involvement with the game

His parents were wholly unaware of his involvement with the app until the decision was made to take it off became huge.

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