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8 Fun Things to Do When You Feel Sleepy at Work

Sleepy at work, dozing off for a few seconds and trying hard to keep eyes open. Sounds familiar? Well, all of us have such bad days. But imagine your embarrassment when you are caught...

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8 Great Ways to Treat Depression

Depression can be mild or severe and a lot of people experience depression or feel depressed at least at some point in their lives. People can get depressed over a lot of things. You...

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5 Ways to Become a Devoted Wife

Marriage is such a beautiful and complex thing at the same thing. They say it takes two to tango and it cannot be truer than in a marriage. There are two people involved in...

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5 Hidden Sources of Problems in Marriage

Every relationship has its problems, and marriage especially has lots of problems. But just as these problems are common, their solutions are also not that difficult to find. The real trouble starts when we...

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6 Ways to Impress a Guy

Whether we accept it or not, most of us want to be appreciated and loved by the opposite sex. Even when you are in a relationship or simply have a crush on some guy,...

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10 Reasons You Should Kiss and Tell

Getting sexually involved with someone is one of the most spontaneous and memorable things that one can indulge in. In your head, it becomes a sweet memory from your blossoming romantic relationship. However, there...

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5 Ways We Shame Other Women in Life

Instead of helping other women rise above the shame, we often engage in practices that end up throwing them deep into that hole. The behavior that we follow often causes harm to other women....

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8 Things People Hate About The Office Environment

Working is not something people do for fun. Most people tread grudgingly to their offices everyday, and the main reason why they actually do a job is for earning a livelihood. While workplaces are...

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6 Tips to Identify a Frenemy

Although women have their female best friends whom they swear by, they also have many frenemies. Frenemy is actually an enemy in the guise of a friend. Surely, every female has encountered this kind...