8 Reasons Good Relationships Go Bad

8 Reasons Good Relationships Go Bad

Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself.” – Oprah Winfrey.
As rightly put in the quote, a relationship is about honesty, love and trust. But, sometimes a relationship just does not work. What could be the possible reasons behind it? Here are some reasons why good relationships go bad.

1. Communication problem

One main reason could be communication. When you don’t talk to the person you love, naturally there would be a misunderstanding. And, if it is not cleared on time, then there might be a problem in your relationship. In other words, a good relationship will turn sour with the passage of time.

2. When there is no space

If there is no space in the relationship, a person may feel suffocated. This happens at most times when there is too much of love and passion. Initially, everything looks good because there is no problem. But, as the time passes, the same person gets on your life. So, where there is no space, the relationship would suffer with time.

3. Being dishonest

Loyalty is one thing that can make any relationship stronger with time. But, dishonesty can turn a relationship bad with time. You can’t expect deception and lies in a relationship. It is important to trust and be loyal in any given situation. If that is not the case, then that would affect your life on the whole.

4. Distance and time

Distance is a prime reason why a relationship does not work the way it should. There cannot be warmth and coziness in a distant relationship. As a matter of fact, it suffers over the time. This is usually common in lovers, who have tiffs over long distance relationships, only because of lack of understanding.

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