5 Hints that Warn You If Your Boyfriend may be Cheating

Hints that Warn You If Your Boyfriend may be Cheating

You can never have one reason for why your boyfriend cheats on you. He can blame you many times for cheating on you. He can say that you had not been giving him enough attention or that you had been distant lately that he had to go to someone else to feel loved. He could be a complete jerk and find nothing wrong with cheating on you. Or he could have been tempted and it might be a one night stand. He could also love two women at the same time and does not want to lose either of you. Whatever the reason, being cheated on is not a nice thing to happen to anyone. It can be extremely painful and heartbreaking. More insulting is when you get to now about it from someone else. Instead of waiting for it to blow up in your face, you can look out for the signs that let you know if your boyfriend maybe cheating on you.

1. He becomes secretive all of a sudden

He no longer tells you where he is or does not tell you about his plans. Even when you ask him specific questions about what he is doing, he is being evasive and tries to avoid answering as much as possible. He also hides his phone when you are around and keeps changing his pass codes quite often. You may also catch him cutting off a phone call mid-way when you walk into the room.

2. He spends a lot of time in chat rooms when you are sleeping

If you catch him spending a lot of time in the chat rooms in the night or when you are sleeping, it is a sure sign that he is cheating on you. It may not be serious, but it is still heating nevertheless. He could be sexting women or hatching a plan to meet with some of them.

3. He gets unnecessarily defensive when you bring up topics about cheating

Even when you are talking about someone else and being judgmental, he would become too defensive and go on a lengthy monolog about the possible reasons that forced other men to cheat. He would also have an issue with you talking to other men even when there is nothing to it. He would get jumpy when you make an innocuous remark about cheating or flirting.

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