5 Reasons not to Invite Your Ex to Your Wedding

5 Reasons not to Invite Your Ex to Your Wedding

Many a time we may have the best intentions at heart while inviting our exes to our wedding but it may end up being a wrong decision. Even if you and your ex are great friends, it may not always be wise to send him an invite. We give you reasons why you should not invite your ex to your wedding.

1. It could make your husband uncomfortable

Even if you both left things on a good note and you are good friends with each other, your husband may not feel entirely comfortable about having the ex at the wedding. You must remember that your husband should be your priority on your wedding day and having an ex around may just spoil things for your partner.

2. It may bring back old memories

If your break up wasn’t mutual, then having an ex at the wedding can really prove disastrous. You may end up getting reminded of all the bad that happened and the pain and heartbreak that you had to go through. This may play a spoilsport on one of the most important days of your life. Is it worth taking the risk?

3. It could be a bad start to your marriage

If you invite your ex to your wedding, then it may create some rifts between you and your husband. You both may end up having an argument and this may make your special day not so great. Sometimes conflicts like these can take a bigger shape and cause lots of insecurities and misunderstandings. Why start your marriage on a bad note?

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