Top 5 Tips To Look Younger Without Going Under The Knife

Top 5 Tips To Look Younger Without Going Under The Knife

What will you do to look younger? Will you go under the knife? Hold on for a minute there, woman. Take a look at these 5 top tips on how to look younger. Put them in practice in your daily routine and keep the signs of aging away.

1. Go for teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a top non-invasive answer to the million dollar question, “how to look younger”. Many women who ignore this problem don’t realize how even the smallest of stains on their teeth add a few years to their looks and age. Are you one of them? Can you imagine how a smiling Kim Kardashian would look without the sparkle of her glowing white teeth? You can either use over the counter products or go to the dentist for whitening sessions.

2. Cut down on the vices

Do you feel thirsty in the morning after a night of heavy drinking? That’s because alcohol dehydrates your bodies, girls. So keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. And do we even need to tell you about smoking? Smoking not only inhibits the flow of oxygen to your skin but also has other harmful chemicals which may hasten your aging process. Address the issue by quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake.

3. Choose your lipstick shade wisely

If you are wondering how to look younger with the help of the right lipstick shade, you are already one step ahead of the rest. A bad choice of lip color can go a long way in making you look a few years older than you are. We suggest that you stay away from pale colors like dark brown or dark maroon. Try light colors like peach, nude and light pink. They do wonders in taking a few years off your look.

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