Why Do Men Cheat In Relationships?

Why Do Men Cheat In Relationships?

It has been observed my many that men cheat more than women in relationships. Some men either find relationships to be a game or they involve themselves in an extramarital affair just to pass their time. The reasons are many, but we’ve listed down the top 10 reasons why men cheat in relationships.

1. They are bored

Many men are known to get tired of dealing with the same woman and want to try something ‘new’ as though women are just things for them. Sad, but this is true for many men.

2. They are emotionally unfulfilled

Some men remain emotionally unfulfilled in their relationships, which means that they don’t get the love that they were seeking. Thus, they find it more convenient to cheat rather than say the truth to their partner.

3. They are excitement junkies

Some men are, of course, adrenaline junkies and love the thrill and excitement of a new relationship. But once the relationship settles into a ‘normal’ mode, these men lose their interest and wander off.

4. They face insecurity

Men are, sometimes, more insecure in a relationship than women and thus their chances of cheating are higher. They need repeated assurance that they are still attractive and are loved.

5. They lack morals

Some men lack sheer morals and are just in the relationship for the sake of it.They aren’t serious about the woman they are with and won’t even hesitate to date another woman simultaneously.

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