How Does Yoga Help To Lose Weight?

How Does Yoga Help To Lose Weight

We recently caught up with Mercy, Amanda and Vikki at the coffee shop. They had just stepped out of their hour long Yoga session. We asked them if Yoga really made a difference in weight management and weight loss. ”Of course”, said Vikki. Read on to find out what the ladies had to say about practicing the art of Yoga to lose weight.

“The main aim of Yoga is to attain the highest level of spirituality. But that does not stop it from being an effective stimulant to lose weight”, said Vikki. “Yoga involves a variety of joint movements which give me increased flexibility and mobility. I find it to be similar to stretching. These movements will surely help you gain some movement in your mundane office routine. Wouldn’t that be great?”, she asked. We nodded, but weren’t too convinced yet.

“Yoga promotes better posture in my day-to-day life”, said Mercy. “Yoga exercises are the backbone of the Yoga practice which involves putting the body through various postures. This has helped me carry the perfect posture, straight back and refrain from slouching in my chair all the time. I also find this to be a great help when I hit the gym. The correct posture while doing your weight loss exercises can make or break your weight loss program”, she continued.

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