6 Ways to Increase Your Running Stamina

6 Ways to Increase Your Running Stamina

Many of us start exercising simply by walking or strolling. With time, as our body gets used to it, we need to go to the next level and that is running. We keep running at a particular speed with a specific purpose and sometimes just to keep fit. Our body gets used to the same kind of exercise and so sometimes out of need to get out of the boredom and the routine, we need to boost our running stamina. Here are some ways to do so.

1. Decide on the speed that you can physically follow

You might just be jogging everyday and you feel that you want to increase your speed and run instead of jogging. Be true to yourself and set a speed that will encourage you to run the next few weeks comfortably without getting tired or stressed. Be realistic and do not think that it can be achieved in a day. Initially you will find it difficult but keep to it.

2. Adjust to the new speed

Once you have decided to gear up, don’t just start on that speed. Start slowly at first and increase your speed eventually. After some time, decrease your speed and come down to walking and then again speed up. This gives your body some rest and you would not get exhausted. If you are training for a race or a marathon, then increase your running intervals accordingly.

3. Add other exercises with running

If you are running for 5 to 6 days a week, then change your routine by adding other exercises like playing a game that requires running, swimming, yoga, and stretching. This will help you relieve stress and you will be able to increase your stamina.

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