8 Tips to Make a Friend Fall in Love With You

Tips to Make a Friend Fall in Love With You

How do you best explain a knotty situation? It’s when you hopelessly fall in love with one of the members of your friend’s circle, without the person even knowing it. You don’t know when and how it happened, but it did. Seeing the friend (you’re secretly so in love with) going for someone else is simply heartbreaking. You can stop that from happening only if you express your love or manage to kindle the same feelings in him. So set aside the jitters! Here are 8 tips to make your friend fall in love with you.

1. Calm down

It’s natural to get nervous and jittery around him, say anything that comes to your mind, laugh louder than usual – all of it just to get his attention. But it’s good to remain calm and composed so that you don’t end up making a fool of yourself. Be the cool and confident you that you’ve always been.

2. Flirt

He has obviously always looked at you as a friend. Now it’s time to change that. Show him that you can be flirty too. Knock him down with your sexiness and see how a little bit of flirting can spice up things and change your equation with him.

3. Share secrets

Start sharing your secrets with him; things that you haven’t really told others before. Having a secret between two people automatically brings them closer. Moreover, sharing things that are close to your heart especially with him will give him an idea that you consider him special.

4. Give him chances to miss you

Just because you like him doesn’t mean you’ll grasp every opportunity to show up wherever he goes. Deliberately miss a few of your friends’ parties, picnics or trips. Your absence will only make him miss you.

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