5 Reasons to Use More of Your Left Brain

 Reasons to Use More of Your Left Brain

The human brain is perhaps one of the most amazing things on earth which is yet to be fully explored and all its secrets learnt. As you may have heard, the human brain is primarily divided into two parts. This hemispherical division makes the brain comprise the left side and the right side. While the left side is the rational or the logical side, the right side is the creative and imaginative side. While there are theories that debate the dominance of either one side of the brain in individuals, both qualities are important for full social and cognitive performance in human beings. Though the right side of the brain is mostly used for imagining, believing in things and subjective thinking, the left side of the brain determines how rational and logical our thoughts and beliefs are. So training your left side is crucial as it strengthens your logic and reasoning abilities. Here is a list of 5 reasons to use more of your left brain.

1. Improves your concentration

You should use your left side of the brain more because it helps you concentrate better. So if you have a strong left brain, you will actually read a book and follow instructions and notice important details about things which others might just overlook.

2. It enhances your analytical ability

A strong left brain enhances your analytical ability. You will be able to structure sentences and use the correct words and language to put across a message or instruction or information. Whether it is social networking or other work related requirements, you will be looked up to as the one who knows what exactly to write or say that will get the work done or serve the purpose.

3. It boosts your logical reasoning

You should use your left brain more because by doing so you increase your logical reasoning power. You can solve problems better now as you know your way around things. You will be able to solve crossword puzzles, Sudoku, anagrams, riddles and other tricky problems much easily.

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