8 Outrageous Celebrity Pets

Famous people are known to be eccentric and have weird habits; no wonder they are called celebrities and not normal people. Since their choices in everything seems to be outrageous and outlandish, be it the money they splurge, the dresses they wear or the fancy trends they follow, even their choice of pets, many a times is out of the world. Here’s looking at the craziest choices in pets that celebs have made over the years.

1. Miniature/Micro pigs

Party crazy heiress Paris Hilton had kick started the trend of carrying the Chihuahua dog as an accessory at events and when that got passé according to her, she conveniently switched to micro pigs. These tiny piggies only grow up to the size of a domestic cat and in fact have also been taken in as pets by Harry Potter star, Rupert Grint and footballer David Beckham.

2. Kangaroo

Bucky Buckaroo is the name of rapper Vanilla Ice’s pet kangaroo. Not only does this cool musician own a kangaroo, he also has a pot-bellied sow.

3. Pet tiger

You can’t picture Mike Tyson with a furry little dog or cat, can you? To match his tough and wild ways, he got a fierce pet in the form of a tiger. However, the pet’s stay with the world class boxer was short lived as it got too wild to control and had to be handed over to the authorities.

4. Chimp

The late and evergreen king of Pop, Michael Jackson, once owned a chimpanzee called Bubbles and as crazy as this may sound, he had a nanny especially hired for it.

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