4 Ways to Choose Right Cloth Colors for Work

Ways to Choose Right Cloth Colors for Work

Clothes maketh the man. However superficial or shallow it may sound, the fact remains that people react to you based on how you are dressed. This applies to your personal life as well as your professional life. Some companies have a definite rule as to what can be worn and what should not be worn to the office and some aren’t so rigid. Nevertheless it helps to know what to wear at the workplace. While the style, be it formal or informal is important, the colors of your clothes can also say a great deal about you and what you are trying to convey at the workplace. Your choice of colors and attire can even determine you being hired at the workplace. Here are some ways to choose the right clothes colors for your workplace.

1. Take some time to learn what colors convey at the workplace

Different colors convey different things at the workplace. Pastel colors and light colors without much of a design or a pattern are preferred as it would be really difficult to determine who you are and you would not stand out so much. Getting attention through your clothes can land you in trouble and it is always safe to stick to normal colors. Do some research to find out what colors are appropriate and what each signifies? Reds, yellows and oranges or any bright colors in monotones are a definite no in the workplace.

2. Determine the season and the type of company you work for

If your company is a start-up or a relaxed one with a horizontal hierarchy you would not have to worry too much about the colors of your clothes. It may not matter at all and people will actually like you more for being yourself. Your colors should also depend on the season. It makes little sense to wear light colored clothes to the office when it is raining or when it is snowing. Although you would be indoors most of the time, you will still have to commute to work.

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