6 Funny Breakup Ideas

6 Funny Breakup Ideas

Bored in a relationship? Want to get rid of that possessive boyfriend? Love to dump that no good husband? And you think the other person doesn’t deserve a decent heart to heart private conversation to break up? Too much rancor and spite for forgiveness? Here are a few funny and creative ideas on how to go about the break up and effectively dump them.

1. Put up a huge sign or a billboard up on the front yard

And make sure it is visible to others too. The sign can say Just ‘Bye’ or can be a slew of your choicest swear words telling them why you are dumping them. Do it only if they have hurt you bad and you think they deserve it. You are definitely bound to have a lot of fun with this.

2. Send him a funny note

A text saying, you would like to break up with him coz you can’t marry a dog in spite of all the fun you could possibly have is a good way to let him know that the relationship should come to an end and that there is no future.

3. Write in big letters the words ‘you are dumped’ in the garbage truck

And make him throw out the trash. If he doesn’t get it the first time, write ‘throw yourself in’ the next day. He should get the message.

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